Young Oil Coolers & Heat Exchangers

Young is one of the industry leaders in cooling heavy machinery engines and transmissions. K&L Clutch & Transmission is proud to provide, repair and install their coolers and heat exchangers.

How Young Heat Exchangers Maintain Oil Pressure and Avoid Air Flow Resistance

Mobile oil coolers need to be durable, rugged, flexible and reliable. With that in mind, our mission to supply Texas with its heat exchanger needs came down to one brand and one brand only.

我们的换热器系列从年轻传输有效地完成每项工作,并为复杂的冷却问题提供简单的解决方案。移动油冷却器有八个标准尺寸,每个标准尺寸都可以在一个或两个通道的油流量布置中安装,并且在每小时5,000至350,000 btu的吹嘘性能范围为100mpp油流量和传热容量。

The result is low cost oil cooling systems with minimum oil pressure drop and low air flow resistance.

When mounted in front, or in rear, of engine cooling radiators, the MOC coolers make effective dual use of vehicle’s existing:


并且在远程安装时,Young MOC-8heat exchangers can be used with any external air flow system for cooling process fluids.

Young’s been doing this for more than 75 years. So here are some of the superior construction elements that make Young’s heat transfer and exchange equipment so effective:

  • Core:Basically, the core is the heat transfer surface, built from round steel tubes that can withstand multiple pressure shocks, plus a handful of aluminum allow fins and welded tubular steel manifolds. There’s also a permanent bond between fins and tubes, forged by mechanically expanding the tubes into specially formed fin collars (this provides double-walled continuous metal heat transfer surfaces).
  • Turbulators:年轻的湍流器插入每个管中,消除了层流量。结果?通过100%提高热传递。
  • 安装支架:Four steel “U” section outrigger brackets form the MOC’s mounting brackets. The small, but critical pieces come with multiple mountain holes to allow for maximum positioning ability.
  • Connections:Young MOC heat exchangers feature both inlet and outlet oil connections with male dryseal threads. This creates a more efficient fluid flow, while still maintaining minimum pressure drop.
  • Manifolds:The MOC’s manifolds are electric welded, heavy-gauge tubular steel manifolds that have drain-vent connections and plugs.

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