Twin Disc PTO

PTO twin disc

Twin Disc PTO Clutch Repair and installation

Twin Discis one of the industry leaders in heavy machinery component manufacturing. Products must deliver the right amount of power on command, under all conditions, time and time again. K&L Clutch & Transmission is proud to provide, repair and installTwin Disc PTO(power take off) clutches.

what IS A Power take-off?

Apower take-offorpower takeoff (PTO)is a term for methods of taking power from an operating power source, such as a running engine, which can be used to provide power to attachments or separate machines.

Semi-permanently mounted PTOs can be found on industrial and marine engines. These applications typically use a drive shaft, sheave or sprocket to transmit power to a secondary implement or accessory.

Twin Disc PTO Clutch

The following is a partial list ofTwin Disc Clutchseries that K & L Clutch provides parts, repairs, and installs:

Twin Disc PTO CLutch: Standard CX Clutch
Twin Disc PTO Clutch: Standard SP Clutch
  • SP321P
  • SP318IL
  • SP311P
  • SP318P
  • SP218P
  • SP314P
  • SP214P
  • SP314IL
  • SP214IL
  • SP211P
  • SP114P
  • SP111P
Twin Disc PTO Clutch: Standard IB Clutch

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